Selfie camera of Galaxy S23 Ultra will "go backwards" compared to Galaxy S22 Ultra?

According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will ditch the 40MP selfie camera of its predecessor to switch to a 12MP selfie camera.

One of the highlights of next year's Galaxy S23 Ultra will be the camera module. Samsung's "giant" smartphone will have an impressive 200MP main rear camera. Besides, the "super product" is expected to have changes in the number of megapixels in both the front camera.
Concept photo of Galaxy S23 Ultra.

According to a report from Galaxy Club, the entire Galaxy S23 "family" will have the same selfie camera. This means that the 40MP front camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be removed to be replaced by a 12MP camera.
The specification sheet is one of the important factors when choosing a smartphone for technology enthusiasts. With a flagship of a famous tech giant, they get even more attention.
Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a 200MP main camera.

The Galaxy S Ultra series is currently Samsung's most premium flat-screen phone. The company often integrates the best specifications for these products. For those who pay attention to the resolution of the camera, reducing the selfie camera resolution on Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra can affect the purchase decision.
But in reality, the resolution does not accurately reflect the image quality. Currently, the selfie camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is only 12MP. Therefore, Samfan can expect the 12MP selfie camera on the upcoming flagship to still produce sharp photos. And for those who like to have the most flattering images, third-party filters or applications will fulfill this requirement easily.
According to rumors, the next generation of Galaxy S will be launched in February next year. Therefore, fans will not have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event for too long.

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