Jobs that have received Tet bonuses like houses and cars, what will happen this year?

In previous years, near Tet, many people had to admire the "huge" Tet bonuses of houses, cars... that some large companies and corporations gave to their employees. So what about this year when Tet is also counting down?

Perhaps, the glorious days of rewarding Tet with a luxury house, car, or even a few billion dong are only in the past. This year, all employees of Mr. Dang Huy Khanh's company - a business in the real estate sector face the risk of not having Tet bonuses.

Mr. Dang Huy Khanh, senior manager at a real estate company in the city. According to Ho Chi Minh City, this year there will no longer be Tet bonuses for cars and houses like every year. Business is difficult and everyone faces the risk of getting a Tet bonus of 0 VND.

The real estate market is gloomy, many brokers do not have Tet bonuses

"In the years 2017 - 2019, many employees sold well. On average, they achieved 40 - 50 billion in sales each month. At the end of the year, it was normal for businesses to reward them with billions in money such as cars and apartments. At that time, many students had just graduated, they achieved high sales, and at the end of the year they had a house and a car" - Mr. Khanh informed.

However, when asked about this year's Tet bonus, Mr. Khanh sadly said that this year is the quietest year of business activity in the past 10 years. “At this point, anyone who can still stay in this profession is lucky. Many of my friends and colleagues could not survive in their profession and had to change jobs" - Mr. Huy Khanh added.

Also a person who has been working in the field of providing construction materials for many years, Mr. Thanh shared: "Anyway, in this period, having a job and a salary is okay, so don't expect a reward. Actually, businesses are facing very difficult times. The leader is suffering much more than me. Now I can only try and hope that 2024 will be better.”…

The story of Mr. Huy Khanh and Mr. Thanh is probably not uncommon at the end of this year. Because many real estate businesses are struggling to maintain, only operating with a few core personnel, "living by faith" with the expectation that the market will recover, the issue of Tet bonuses has become a problem. become a luxury for employees.

Not only real estate businesses, but many businesses in other fields are also in similar difficulties

The real estate market has been difficult since mid-2022 until now and shows no signs of stopping. Real estate businesses said that they almost recorded no revenue for many months. Therefore, Tet bonuses for real estate businesses are forecast to be unprecedentedly low, and many places are still struggling to pay salaries for employees.

Sharing with the press recently, Mr. Vu Cuong Quyet - General Director of Dat Xanh Northern Real Estate - said that this year his business is "lucky" because it still has projects to distribute and has revenue. Karma. However, revenue cannot be equal to last year. Currently, the business is having to pay monthly salaries for 400 employees. With this situation, this year businesses do not think about Tet bonuses.

“We still have to borrow money from the bank at high interest rates, so we shared it with our employees so they can understand. If last year, even though the real estate market was still difficult, businesses still had accumulated money, this year there is no more," Mr. Quyet said.

A real estate business leader in Hanoi shared that, in contrast to the heyday of the real estate market in 2016-2017, when the Tet season was always flush with cash, in the past two years, businesses have had almost no Tet. From mid-2022 until now, businesses have no products to sell but still have to spend a large budget to maintain the system.

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Even the amount of goods sold since the beginning of 2022 has not yet received brokerage fees because investors are congested with cash flow, leading to a thirst for capital spreading from investors to distribution companies and contractors. There is also a shortage of money at the end of the year.

"Last year there was still cash flow reserves, but this year there is no cash flow. The company has no bonuses and is trying to maintain employee salaries. The real estate market is quiet so the Tet season has become a nightmare," this person said. speak.

In the report for the third quarter of 2023, the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association also said that the health status of real estate businesses has shown signs of improvement, but not completely and widely. Currently, each month there are about 107 real estate businesses leaving the market.

Many places are struggling to maintain, only operating with a few core personnel, "living by faith" with the expectation that the market will recover from the end of this year.

It is known that not only the real estate sector, but many businesses in many different industries are currently struggling to pay salaries and Tet bonuses for employees even though there are still 2 months left until this big holiday.

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