See the newly launched upgraded version of Hyundai Tucson

The upgraded Hyundai Tucson model is available at dealers in Korea and is priced from 510 - 724 million.

After many hints, Hyundai officially launched an upgraded version of the Hyundai Tucson car line right in the Korean market. Because it is a facelift, the overall car does not have too many differences compared to its predecessor. Accordingly, the car is equipped with a Parametric Hidden Light style grille with large hidden positioning lights similar to the old version.

However, there have been some slight customizations that connect parts such as the front and rear bumpers and the size of the lights, making the car look sportier and stronger.

Notably, some details such as wheel cavities, side skirts, 19-inch wheels, front bumper, underbody cover, front and rear bumpers, and exhaust pipes on the N Line version are made different from the other versions to emphasize the Stronger for sportiness than regular versions.

The interior space of the Hyundai Tucson has changed significantly when the gear lever cluster is removed and replaced with space for a phone charger and cup holder. The steering wheel cluster has been redesigned to be simpler in 3-spoke form, behind is a gear lever cluster and a dual screen with integrated driving clock and central screen of the same size of 12.3 inches.

With the new space design, the air conditioning vents are slimmed down and stretch almost the entire width of the dashboard. In addition, the air conditioning adjustment area has been converted to touch mode. The car has some equipment such as Hud screen, electric seats, Digital Key 2, interior lights, etc.

The car is equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged gasoline engine and a 2.0L diesel engine for 180 horsepower and 183 horsepower. There is also a hybrid transmission option for a total capacity of 230 horsepower. Hyundai Tucson also has an Auto Terrain Mode system that automatically selects the driving mode appropriate to the terrain in real time, Cross Wind Stability Control technology and 8 airbags.

Hyundai Tucson has a converted selling price of 510 - 724 million VND for 12 versions sold. In Vietnam, there is still no information about the new version, the car is currently priced from 769 million to 899 million for 4 versions. According to the new sales report, in November, 1,177 vehicles were delivered to users.

Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam automobile joint venture has just adjusted the new selling price for two SUV models, Tucson and SantaFe, with a reduction from 76 to 191 million VND. Hyundai Tucson and SantaFe were once two SUV models that stirred up the segment when they regularly had sales that many competitors could only dream of. There was also a time when buyers had to pay additional fees to dealers through additional packages. sue and accept to wait before you can receive the car.

But the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic or economic impacts not only caused Hyundai Tucson and SantaFe in particular and the entire market in general to receive alarmingly low sales figures. Although manufacturers, dealers or the entire State have come together to come up with solutions, the automobile market situation still does not have many outstanding highlights to open up the market as well as support production units. domestic automobile export and assembly and supporting industries.

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The Hyundai Santa Fe being distributed in Vietnam is the 4th generation, first introduced in May 2021 with two engine options including SmartStream gasoline engine, 2.5L capacity and SmartStream 2.2L diesel engine, new. The company also announced a hybrid version to help optimize fuel consumption.

Similarly, Hyundai Tucson is also the 4th generation, introduced in December 2021 not long after Hyundai Santa Fe was launched. The car also has 3 engine options including gasoline engine, 2.0L Smartstream capacity and 1.6L increased capacity (Turbo) SmartStream. In addition, the car also has an optional diesel engine, 2.0L Diesel SmartStream capacity.

Hyundai adjusts new selling prices for two car lines: Santafe and Tucson - 2

To promote sales as well as resolve remaining inventory before moving to 2024, Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam has just announced new selling prices for its two SUV models, Hyundai Tucson and SantaFe, with prices reduced from 76 to 191 million VND, specifically:

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