The Intangible Values Defining the Lexus Brand

In the world of wealthy owners, the decision to choose a car is sometimes simply because it suits or represents the owner's personality, the problem is not the price.

Over the past 20 years, the world has revolved continuously thanks to the explosion of digital technology and online, multi-platform business solutions. The number of millionaires and rich people is increasing and the age is gradually getting younger. With cars, many new technologies are applied, turning them into a more modern and more expensive product.

But one thing that is almost constant in that rapid change is customers' aesthetic taste and interest in a luxury car. To retain old customer groups and impress new customers, luxury car companies always find ways to differentiate themselves from the rest. Because only by creating its own uniqueness can a brand create class and desire for customers who own it.

"With luxury cars, price is not the biggest concern," said the sales manager of a luxury car dealership in Vietnam. "They buy a car sometimes just because they are impressed with a certain aspect, the design, the driving feel or simply because they are in love with the brand's story."

Sales may not be as high as its competitors, but Lexus always has a customer base with its own aesthetic taste and special attention to brand value.

For veteran luxury car salespeople, it is important to show customers the intangible value of the car, which cannot be expressed in words. Traditional offers applied to cheap popular cars such as discounts and free accessories are less effective if customers who come to see the car do not care about money. Because a classy product itself cannot be cheap or must be promoted to find buyers.

Lexus, Japan's largest luxury brand, is one of the typical examples of creating an image and separating itself from the masses. Amid the fever of discounts and promotions in the luxury segment in 2023 in Vietnam, Toyota's sub-brand seems to be on the outside.

The Japanese company always maintains stable prices at dealerships because most customers who come to Lexus do not buy cars by "price survey". Sales may not be as high as its competitors, but Lexus always has a customer base with its own aesthetic taste and special attention to brand value. This is the basis for Lexus cars to always keep their prices stable and depreciate less after 3-5 years of use.

According to the annual report of Kelley Blue Book (KBB), one of the largest car value assessment companies in the US, Lexus is the brand with the best resale value in 2023. This is the 8th time the luxury car company belongs to Toyota. tops the list of luxury car segments in terms of resale value.

According to CarEdge statistics, the Lexus ES is the car with the best value retention in the mid-size luxury sedan segment, losing 27% of its value after 5 years, the average figure for the segment is about nearly 40%.

Lexus focuses on preserving the values of the brand and providing customers with unique experiences.

Not reducing prices can also be seen as a business method that creates a unique quality for Lexus. The company focuses on preserving high-end brand values such as product quality, service culture and after-sales policy. Lexus is not the earliest Japanese luxury car brand, but it is the most successful, and is considered the greatest hope of the country's auto industry.

The ES is Lexus' second best-selling model after the RX

Lexus is associated with successful and mature businessmen who love quietness and unobtrusiveness. In the minds of many generations of users in Vietnam, Lexus is a brand with an unmistakable quality, a profound Japanese style that always makes others look up.

Lexus' success in Vietnam is built on a range of top quality products in the luxury car world. But as said, without its own unique qualities, Lexus can easily be forgotten by the very high demands of high-class customers.

The special mark of Lexus mentioned by customers is the L-Finesse design. As on the new version of the Lexus ES, the design has been cared for by Lexus and brings the breath of the times, but there is still the intimacy and sophistication of a sedan.

The ES length is nearly 5m but the lowest center of gravity in the segment provides an imposing and sturdy appearance, as well as supporting stable operation. Lexus cleverly designed the roof to slope backwards like a sports coupe while still maintaining an elegant, unobtrusive look.

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