Volkswagen and Audi Recall Over 74,000 Vehicles Due to Engine Defects

Two German car companies have just announced a recall of 4 car models to fix engine errors.

The recalled VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models have the 2022 model year, and the 2021 Audi Q5 and Q5 Sportback. In total, more than 74,000 vehicles will have the problem. In the recall notice, VW/Audi said connecting rods manufactured for the standard engine (VW's popular 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder) are the cause of the recall.

In particular, improperly manufactured connecting rods can cause unbalanced engine operation that can lead to serious engine damage if not corrected immediately. According to the US Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), the above vehicles have problems that cause the connecting rod bearings to fail, causing the engine to fail and stall, increasing the risk of failure. accident.

At the same time, if this problem causes an oil leak, it can increase the risk of fire. The reason is that during the manufacturing process of the crankshaft, particles and debris may appear in the engine oil circuit, which causes wear and damage to the crankshaft bearing.

This may cause engine noise to increase, a warning light may appear; If not fixed soon, this can cause the vehicle to stall unexpectedly and leak oil in the engine compartment. VW and Audi said vehicles produced after October 6 will not have the above error, because new production processes have been applied to control the quality of manufacturing connecting rods.

A test is being developed that can identify engine failure before any symptoms appear. According to VW/Audi, all recalled vehicles are still under warranty, and notifications will be sent to car owners next December.

An upgraded version of the Tiguan car model has just been introduced by German car company Volkswagen at the VMS 2022 Exhibition.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2022 was introduced to the global market last year and is now available in Vietnam through the Vietnam Motor Show 2022 (VMS 2022). The car model from Germany is officially distributed in Vietnam with the same price as the Mercedes-Benz GLC but has a 5+2 seat configuration.

Tiguan's innovative design lines provide a versatile and powerful SUV appearance. Tiguan has an IQ.LIGHT lighting system with 2 Projector lenses and lower border daytime lights. There are functions to expand the projection angle when cornering, adjust the lighting range and support bad weather. The impressive mark of innovation lies in the strong black bordered C symbol on the front bumper.

Interior space with neat and sharp design lines. Elegant colors, combined with 30-color Ambient Light, bring a comfortable, luxurious and comfortable space to the user. Tiguan has a newly designed steering wheel and ventilated Vienna leather seats. The newly designed gear lever is displayed with luxurious and sophisticated LED lights. The luggage compartment has flexible space from 230 liters and can be expanded up to 1,775 liters.

Tiguan carries a series of useful technology features, ensuring connectivity for entertainment and work purposes. Digital Cockpit Pro digital clock with many colors, interface options and vivid display parameters.

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