The power is almost equal, this iPhone model is worth choosing over the iPhone 15 Pro Max

If you want a truly professional iPhone experience, users may hesitate to choose between iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Both products have entered the semi-annual cycle, so it is not surprising that their prices have dropped sharply compared to the launch period. Although the iPhone 15 Pro Max is considered the "top" iPhone 15 model, it is not for everyone, especially when the iPhone 15 Pro is still a bright choice when looking at the product's price.

Not everyone likes giant phones

The biggest difference, at least on the outside, between the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max is in size. The iPhone 15 Pro has a 6.1-inch screen, while the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max is 6.7 inches. Both are OLED Super Retina XDR displays with a ProMotion 120 Hz refresh rate. They all have Always On screen technology, but users can turn it off if they want.

So why choose iPhone 15 Pro? Despite the temptation to buy giant phones, it's almost impossible to use them comfortably with one hand, especially if you have smaller hands.

Besides, the iPhone 15 Pro is easier to put in a pocket, especially women who often have handbags or wallets next to them, making it quite difficult to put an iPhone 15 Pro Max in or easily scratched when placing many accessories such as keys. lock up,...

No need for a 5x zoom camera

Over the past few years, Apple has made the regular iPhone Pro on par with the iPhone Pro Max in terms of cameras, but that changes with the iPhone 15 Pro. Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a quad prism telephoto lens that can give 5x optical zoom, while the iPhone 15 Pro is still only capable of 3x optical zoom. The reason is because of the size, but it seems that this year's iPhone 16 Pro will be a bit larger to help mount a better telephoto lens.

Many people may be upset with this change but actually don't mind too much, because in reality, taking photos with zoom situations is not too common. Taking 5x optical zoom photos would be nice if going to a concert or show, but that's really not what people do most days. Zooming in beyond the 3x optical zoom on the iPhone 15 Pro isn't bad, even if it's just digital zoom because most of the details are still retained and quite clear. Overall, 5x zoom is technically better, but it's not a night and day difference.

There are cheaper prices

With iPhone 15 Pro, users will save money when shopping. To ensure fairness, let's compare their 256GB versions at some major Vietnamese retailers. The price for iPhone 15 Pro is about 27.59 million VND, while iPhone 15 Pro Max is 29.59 million VND. With the highest version of 1 TB, the price of iPhone 15 Pro is 40.99 million VND, while iPhone 15 Pro Max is 43.59 million VND.

That doesn't seem like a big difference when looking at the high-end, but to many people the difference in money for some differences in features isn't worth worrying about. Once you are satisfied with the size and capabilities of the camera, saving a few million dong is understandable.

Small but mighty

Nowadays, not many people love small phones anymore, but in fact they are still easier to use. And while having a 5x telephoto lens would be nice, the iPhone 15 Pro is still capable of taking great photos.

Furthermore, users are provided with an A17 Pro chip, Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion, Dynamic Island, Action button and USB-C charging. All at slightly lower prices. Of course, battery life is also a bit worse, but that's a problem that can easily be solved with a portable power bank.

After all, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a great choice for some, but for others, the iPhone 15 Pro is a better choice.

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