10 reasons why the iPhone has undeniable appeal

 Below are 10 reasons you should buy an iPhone in 2024 according to a summary from DigitalTrends.

The iPhone 15 series – including the standard iPhone 15 duo and the iPhone 15 Pro pair are the best iPhones. This is the newest iPhone line and integrates Apple's most advanced features.

But those aren't the only options. In fact, Apple still sells the iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE on its website. Users can also find other older iPhone models from other retailers or carrier stores.

So why should users buy an iPhone? Below are 10 extremely convincing reasons.

1. iMessage messages

iMessage is Apple's instant messaging service, available only on Apple products, including the iPhone.

With iMessage, users can send and receive messages with other iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple Watch users. The product uses data (cellular or Wi-Fi) to send messages, which can include text, images, audio, etc. There are also other benefits to iMessage like read receipts and typing notifications when the recipient replies.

If you have other Apple devices besides your iPhone, you can also send and receive messages using those other devices, as long as you're signed in with the same Apple ID. All messages are synced via iCloud, users can easily continue the conversation even with another device.

iMessage can also send SMS/MMS messages to Android users (with green bubbles).

2. AirDrop

AirDrop is Apple's proprietary wireless file transfer service that's been around for the past decade - since iOS 7 and Mac OS X Lion. With AirDrop, users can wirelessly transfer files between iOS and Mac devices as long as they are in close proximity.

In iOS 17, Apple made some much-needed changes to AirDrop to improve overall usability. These changes include proximity sharing, internet file transfers, and NameDrop.

3. Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the best-selling smart watches on the market. Users can accurately monitor their health with continuous heart rate monitoring, electrocardiogram, blood oxygen measurement, body temperature, sleep monitoring, and exercise and fitness tracking. overview.

Plus, their owners can also get a lot of support from third-party apps as well as notifications, emergency SOS, alarms, phone calls, and more. Using with an iPhone will optimize these features.

4. Better third-party apps

Although there are many applications on both Apple's App Store and Google Play Store, there is still a difference between them. Notably, apps often have better quality and support on iOS.

5. Update iOS

While more and more Android phones are getting longer software support (such as Samsung and Google - which now offer seven years of Android updates), Apple products have long been famous for their longevity. , including iPhones.

On average, iPhones will receive at least 5 years of iOS updates. For example, the current iOS 17 update can be installed on the iPhone XR - which launched in 2018.

6. More security

In fact, iPhone is still safer than Android phones.

Apple's App Store has stricter rules and guidelines in its app review process. iPhone users cannot download third-party applications on iPhone.

While iOS is not completely immune to threats and security vulnerabilities, they occur less frequently on iOS due to the closed ecosystem. It's also easy for Apple to issue security patches to users because it has complete control over everything while Android devices can sometimes vary depending on the manufacturer.

Apple also prioritizes privacy and encryption. For example, fingerprint and facial data for Touch ID/Face ID is stored locally and encrypted in Apple's “Secure Enclave.” Health records in the Health - Heath app are also encrypted and secure.

7. Apple TV, Apple Music, etc.

Most people know Apple for its hardware, but it's also pretty good in terms of services thanks to Apple TV+ and Apple Music.

Apple Music has tighter integration with iOS overall than Spotify, and the sound quality on Apple Music is better than on Spotify.

The Apple TV app is also a great way to consolidate all of your favorite shows and movies into one place. In addition, "Apple Disability" also has Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+, etc. Apple's services have evolved a lot in recent years, and the iPhone is the perfect choice to access them all.

8. Sync data with iCloud

One of the features that many people love on the iPhone is Apple's iCloud. Many people also sign up for iCloud to have itmore storage. They work well and completely in the background.

9. One-of-a-kind iPhone accessories

When going to a retail store, users can find dozens of cases for different iPhone models.

Meanwhile, users will not have many options when choosing cases for other phones such as Samsung Galaxy S24, Google Pixel 8 or OnePlus 12.

10. Customer service

Apple is known for its excellent customer service and users can get better help from Apple than from other brands.

Every iPhone comes with a 1-year hardware repair warranty and 90 days of free technical support. For more coverage, iFan can purchase AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss insurance options for an additional fee.

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