Chinese Automakers Converge in Force at BIMS 2024 Expo

Chinese auto products abound at the 2024 Bangkok Motor Show.

At the exhibition, the number of participating units returned to pre-Covid-19 levels, which Thai experts considered a sign of market recovery and expansion. Therefore, the exhibition space was also increased from 60,000 to 70,000 m2.

The chosen theme is "The Mobility of Joyful Experiences", with the implication of describing the intersection of technology and life trends, which have changed and increased consumers' joyful experiences.

According to information from the exhibition organizers released on the opening day for the media (March 25), more than 49 leading automobile and motorbike brands participated in this exhibition, with at least 20 models. New car launched.

However, the point that experts really pay attention to is the dense presence of Chinese car brands. In addition, SAIC's MG and BYD cars have been present in Thailand for a while, the presence of many new names has made Chinese cars completely dominate Thailand's most important auto exhibition.

BYD in this exhibition no longer uses domestic Chinese cars, but focuses on displaying models with right-hand drive that are sold in many Southeast Asian countries (such as Thailand or Malaysia), including Seal, Dolphin and Atto. 3.

China's 8th largest automobile manufacturer, Great Wall Motor (GWM), also brought to the exhibition electric cars under the Oracle brand group such as Good Cat and 07; SUV with a similar design to the Mercedes-AMG G63 called Tank; hybrid cars under the Haval brand; and pickup trucks under the Poer brand. Among the cars displayed by the manufacturer based in Hebei (China), the Haval Jolion HEV model "has an appointment" with the Vietnamese market.

For its part, MG from Shanghai displayed a variety of electric and high-riding vehicles, with the standout product being the Cyberster electric convertible sports car. This is also the car model that the company has displayed in many events in the Vietnamese market in 2023.

Changan - an automobile manufacturer from Chongqing - brings Deepal electric cars, including SUV S07 and sedan L07, along with a number of cars under the Avatr sub-brand such as SUV 11, or Lumin - a similar mini urban car model. From Wuling Air EV.

Opposite Changan at the exhibition space is Aion, the electric vehicle brand of Guangzhou automobile manufacturer GAC, distributed by Tanchong in Southeast Asia. Aion has a full range of products on display, from regular SUVs and sedans to the Hyper SSR sports car that can reach 0-100 km/h in just 1.9 seconds.

Another name also from Guangzhou is Xpeng. The G6 SUV is said to be destined for several Southeast Asian markets, starting with Malaysia showing side-by-side the larger G9 SUV and the P7, a D-sized sedan (similar to the Tesla Model S) with Lamborghini-style scissor doors . All Xpeng cars on display are right-hand drive.

Zeekr - Geely's electric vehicle brand - displayed the compact SUV Zeekr to the region's right-hand drive markets, including Vietnam.

Neta is a new name that has recently shown great interest in the Vietnamese market, bringing the V-II pure electric high-riding hatchback model to the exhibition. One surprising point is that the Chinese car company is present in Southeast Asia but absent from this exhibition is Chery, owner of the OMODA and JAECOO brands.

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