Experience the Mitsubishi XForce car on the racetrack

 Mitsubishi Xforce is attracting attention from many young customers and what is special about the car?

Eye-catching design, lots of technology, practicality and exciting driving experience are the things that Mitsubishi XFORCE brought to the test drive through 6 tests. Mitsubishi XFORCE is a B-class high-clearance car suitable for first-time car buyers or those who are driving a B-class car and looking for a high-clearance 5-seat car with an attractive price and not too high "care" cost.

Since the concept version appeared, XFORCE has become a new phenomenon for Mitsubishi Vietnam because Vietnamese customers have not yet seen the car rolling on the road, but just seeing the concept have strongly placed a deposit. Maybe they buy it because it's beautiful and it's true that XFORCE is truly beautiful.

The price of XFORCE when launched from 620-699 million VND is a plus point for Mitsubishi rookies to choose a suitable position in the extremely hot small-sized B-class car segment at this time. The top in the segment belongs to Creta, Seltos and recently the appearance of HR-V.

However, Mitsubishi recently announced special prices of XFORCE from 599 - 640 - 680 million VND for 3 versions: GLX - Exceed - Premium (delivery from March). Reducing the price of versions around 20 million VND not only increases competitiveness with competitors in the same segment but also makes customers who are looking for B-class sedans try a little harder to get a car with high chassis.

The land is crowded, the strategy for XFORCE to become Mitsubishi's "hero" in Vietnam is not only to be beautiful, but also to have many comfortable equipment, new technology, interesting operating capabilities... To make XFORCE friendly And to satisfy the needs of Vietnamese users, Mitsubishi tested the concept version for 4,000 km before creating a commercial version with special modes in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general.

XFORCE is making a difference with competitors in the same segment, especially when Mitsubishi conducted 6 tests at Dai Nam racetrack (Binh Duong). If in the past, Japanese cars brought core values of practicality, economy, durability, and price retention, now XFORCE also brings excitement and many positive emotions when driving every day.

During the test drive, all XFORCE cars were Premium versions with a new selling price of 680 million VND (estimated to be 770 million VND). I still thought I would be able to drive the highest version of the Ultimate, but unfortunately this car model will officially open for sale in June so we still have to wait a while.

It's okay, the XFORCE Premium doesn't lose too much to the Ultimate version and if the Premium is enough to satisfy the basic elements of a good car, then perhaps the Ultimate is the true love in the segment. Mitsubishi

According to company information, Vietnam is the first market where the company is equipped with the WET MODE feature. The combination of WET MODE and AYC helps the vehicle operate stably, increasing traction when driving on slippery roads, especially when traveling at speeds of 40 km/h or more.

Simply put, AYC will distribute traction to each front wheel and proactively brake if any wheel slips. Meanwhile, WET MODE will tighten the steering wheel and reduce sensitivity so the driver can easily control the vehicle.

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It can be said that this is an interesting driving mode that is difficult for any B-class small high-clearance car to have. With the WET MODE and AYC combo, driving the car up the steep mountain passes in the North or experiencing the 4 great mountain passes also becomes easier.

XFORCE is equipped with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, producing 103 horsepower and 141 Nm of torque, front-wheel drive similar to the Xpander. The difference of XFORCE is that the CVT continuously variable transmission is fine-tuned in a unique way. XFORCE's acceleration is only adequate and cannot create an impressive boost. XFORCE is not a car model aimed at a sporty driving style. XFORCE's mission is to be a practical, reliable car with fuel economy, so don't be too demanding.

However, that does not mean that XFORCE becomes weak when combined with CVT. Mitsubishi has fine-tuned the gearbox in its own way, when the accelerator pedal level is low, the gearbox will operate smoothly and save fuel; For high accelerator levels, immediately downshift to accelerate overtaking. The smooth operation of the CVT transmission is similar to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

To increase the agility of the transmission, XFORCE also has a Ds (Driving Sport) mode located on the side of the gear lever. Activating this feature improves accelerator sensitivity and the transmission will simulate a low gear to increase the vehicle's traction, giving the driver confidence when high speed is needed.

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