Exploring the Most Fascinating Honda Motorcycle Designs

 Below are some of the most interesting Honda motorcycles the brand has ever designed.

Honda E-Canopy (2011)

Honda's motorbike runs on electricity.

Honda E- Canopy launched in 2011 at the Tokyo Motor Show, the three-wheeled motorbike has served for recreational activities.

Honda's motorbike runs on electricity. Designed primarily for women, the model is inspired by the Honda Gyro Canopy, a model introduced in the 1980s and still available in some countries today.

Neo Sports Cafe (2017)

This motorbike model is currently described as a multi-purpose street motorbike. Photo: Honda.

Cafe racer motorbikes are highly appreciated. The motorcycle has a sophisticated classic look and a 998cc 143 horsepower engine that makes it a very attractive proposition.

The Neo Sports Café transformed into a production motorcycle that we all know today as the CB650R. This motorbike model is currently described as the most attractive multi-purpose street motorbike on the market.

Honda CB-F (2020)

The motorcycle is built around a lightweight chassis. Photo: Honda.

This motorcycle is considered a preview of future CB motorcycles, and also pays tribute to the previous generations of this model.

The motorcycle is built around a lightweight chassis with high-strength steel monobone structure and a 998cc, water-cooled, inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine, mated to a six-speed transmission.

Honda SFA 150 (2014)

This car was received quite warmly in Indonesia. Photo: Honda.

The motorcycle has a liquid-cooled 150cc single-cylinder engine powering the bike, which is likely a derived version of the engine that was used back then in the locally offered CB150R.

This car was well received in Indonesia and the following year it participated in the Osaka Motorcycle Show. However, a production version of the SFA 150 was never produced.

Honda 150SS Racer (2017)

The motorbike is equipped with a 150cc single cylinder engine. Photo: Honda.

Honda 150SS Racer was introduced at the Bangkok Motor Show 2017. This motorbike is designed for the local market, with a very impressive design.

The motorcycle is equipped with a 150cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine like the one on the SFA 150.

The most impressive thing about this concept is the carbon fiber disc wheels. They not only give the car a distinctive look but also contribute to weight reduction. However, this motorbike model has never been produced.

Honda Motorcompo (2011)

This motorbike was first launched in 2011. Photo: Honda.

The Motorcompo motorcycle was first launched in 2011. It is foldable to some extent and looks just as exotic as the other versions. The body concept looks soft and doesn't look industrial.

It was small enough to store in the back of a car or in the house and was powered by electricity, although its powertrain and capabilities were never detailed. Removable battery for easier charging.

Honda Bulldog (2015)

The motorbike is equipped with 15 inch wheels. Photo: Honda.

The Bulldog was launched to promote "a new world of entertainment with motorbikes" and it was intended to be a small, adorable touring motorbike.

The motorbike is equipped with 15-inch wheels and a seat height of only 730 mm. This motorcycle is equipped with a four-stroke, liquid-cooled, two-cylinder engine with a capacity of 399cc. The six-speed transmission handles the output "powerfully yet easily.

Because the purpose is for traveling, the car is equipped with a storage box and accessory compartments on both sides of the fuel tank. However, this motorbike has not yet been put into production.

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