Japanese sedan with billions to choose to buy Mazda 6 or Honda Accord?

 In the price range of around 1 billion VND, Mazda 6 and Honda Accord are two very notable options.


In general, in terms of exterior equipment, both Honda Accord and Mazda 6 have modern equipment such as LED front/rear lights, automatic on/off front lights, electric adjustable and folding rearview mirrors with integrated turn signals, automatic rain sensor, shark fin antenna, dual exhaust pipes.

On the Honda Accord, the headlights have an additional function to automatically turn off over time, while on the Mazda 6 there is a function to automatically balance the projection angle and intelligently adapt.

The Honda Accord still follows the trend of being calm and mature with delicate and luxurious lines through the thick chrome-plated horizontal bar grille that spreads across the entire front of the car.

Meanwhile, Mazda 6 still maintains a modern, youthful design with soft KODO design lines. The highlight is the angular bow-shaped grille, combined with chrome-plated borders extending to the sides to create a beautiful wing effect.


The Honda Accord stands out in its instrument cluster with a digital screen that can be customized according to Sport or Eco driving mode, call-message notifications, and vehicle operating status.

As for the Mazda 6, this model has the option of Nappa leather seats, an expensive material often found on luxury Mercedes models.

The Mazda 6's sound system is also more prominent with 11 high-end Bose speakers, while the Accord's sound system is inferior with 8 speakers.

Compared to the Honda Accord as well as other car models in the segment, many users do not appreciate the Mazda 6's soundproofing ability, and the shell feels a bit thin. Meanwhile, the Honda Accord is equipped with an active noise cancellation system and an active sound control system for a very "smooth" feeling when driving.


Both models have the same capacity of 188 horsepower, the Honda Accord is slightly better with a lower engine rpm, this has the advantage that the machine operates more smoothly, the engine is less prone to undercarriage.

In addition, the Accord is also rated higher for its CVT transmission while the Mazda 6 uses a 6-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of fuel consumption, the Accord is also slightly better than the Mazda 6 with a mixed road fuel consumption of 6.2L/100km. This figure on the Mazda 6 is 6.89L/100 km.


If comparing the overall equipment, engine, and operation, the Honda Accord is slightly better than the Mazda 6 but not by much.

However, with a price difference of nearly 300 million VND, not including tens of millions of registration fees, this is a big problem for this car model.

Therefore, if customers do not place too much emphasis on economics and focus on performance, then the Honda Accord is a choice worth considering.

As for the Mazda 6, this model still attracts a large number of customers thanks to its eye-catching youthful design and competitive price.

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