The Korean automaker's low-cost electric car was caught testing

Kia is testing a new low-cost electric car model

In its home market, Korean car company Kia is about to officially launch the EV3 electric car model, attracting attention because the selling price is said to be cheaper than its competitors. Previously, the Kia EV3 was introduced as a concept in October 2023 and in 2024 this low-cost electric car model will officially appear.

Kia Chairman said that promoting the development of electric and hybrid vehicles is the driving force for Kia to become a provider of sustainable mobility solutions for users. Currently, Kia is planning to increase electric vehicle sales to 4.3 million vehicles by 2030, and expects that about 58% of cars sold in the future will be electrified car models. More specifically, this plan is focused on the Chinese market, which is a potential area and currently has fierce competition.

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Not only is the Kia EV3 about to launch, but before that the Kia EV5 has also been sold in China and is about to be exported to many other markets. At the same time, Kia EV4 also plans to introduce a concept version, as well as cherish another plan with an electric car model called EV2.

This plan, named EVs for All - Electric vehicles for every home will be launched this year with the introduction of 6 hybrid car models in 2024, in addition to 8 electrified car models in 2026 and an additional 9 additional cars. 2028. The Kia brand's pure electric car product line alone will reach a total of 15 models by 2027.

The Kia EV3 model has just been displayed as a concept car

The Kia EV3 model has just been displayed as a concept car

Some information about the Kia EV3 says that the car has a sturdier appearance than the concept version, developed on the E-GMP chassis platform along with the Kia EV9 and Kia EV6, but only uses electric architecture. 400V to optimize costs. The car can be listed at a price from 760 million VND, notably the car is not likely to appear in the US market yet.

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