Why Do I Keep Encountering Strangers When Browsing Facebook Lately?

 Surfing News Feed on Facebook but constantly seeing content from strangers. What is the cause of this?

For Facebook users, surfing to update information from friends and followed pages to update information is something almost everyone does. However, in recent times, many users will occasionally encounter content from strangers that they do not know. It is known that this situation appears both in the mobile version on smartphones and the web version.

Previously, Facebook still showed information from strangers, but it was because those posts were advertising content (with the Sponsored label), or friends had interactions such as liking, commenting... or Facebook. 

Automatically suggest based on user access habits. Currently, even without any interaction, posts from strangers still appear on the news feed, making the Facebook news feed make many people feel uncomfortable.

Lately when surfing Facebook I always meet strangers, why? - Photo 1.

A post from a stranger appears on a Facebook user (Screenshot)

The reason for this change is that Meta (Facebook's parent company) is testing a new way of displaying content. Accordingly, Facebook's main interface is now called Home instead of Feed as before. 

Not only is there a difference in name, if Feed is a place that contains articles and videos from friends and advertising content, then Home contains more content when there is content depending on interests and information updates from the whole account. users are following and not following.

Lately when surfing Facebook I always meet strangers, why? - Photo 2.

The interface when entering Facebook is no longer Feed but will be Home. Therefore, there may appear content from users that you do not follow

Meanwhile, if you want to access it the old way, users can find the Feed section in the Menu. Here, users can choose to display content from friends, groups, favorite pages... Here, information from strangers or people they do not follow will not appear.

Lately when surfing Facebook I always meet strangers, why? - Photo 3.

Users can surf the Feed with updated information from friends, pages, groups... without encountering posts from strangers.

By letting users view posts, images or videos from strangers, it can be seen that Facebook is "imitating" the For You feature on TikTok - where people can watch videos from strangers without them knowing. monitor. These approaches help TikTok grow quickly and become the leading social network today.

However, many people are not very satisfied with this change when posts from strangers make them feel annoying, uncomfortable and even "garbage" the Feed that has been familiar for a long time.

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